10up Relaunches Eight Day Week, Rolls Out Dedicated Microsite

Eight Day Week Plugin

We recently relaunched Eight Day Week, our free, open-source plugin that adds web-to-print workflow capabilities to WordPress. As part of the relaunch, we rolled out a new microsite to help explain the plugin.

With no settings or configurations to set up, the plugin empowers publishers to:

  • Design individual print publications by organizing WordPress Posts into Print Issues. Within print issues, editors can create sections, arrange articles, and manage each article’s status.
  • Manage access for print production staff with new print users roles isolated to access and CMS capabilities relevant to their job — e.g. creating and managing issues, viewing issue information, and exporting for final production.
  • Export the print issue as an XML package that can be imported into Adobe InDesign for final page layout and print production.

Eight Day Week Plugin Admin Screenshot Example

The original plugin came out of a 2015 partnership with Observer, who at the time was best known for their hallmark print publication, New York Observer. Together, we flipped the publishing process on its head, putting the web first, and using WordPress as the hub for all content: print, digital, or often, both. We recognized how transformative this tool could be for other print outlets looking to move digital to the center of their strategy — especially given industry financial pressures leading to a need for efficiencies. With Observer’s enthusiastic support, we made the plugin publicly available on GitHub and the WordPress plugin directory.

Fast forward to 2020 — Observer had moved to an all-digital footprint a few years prior, but 10up found new publishers considering web-to-print workflows. As a client project emerged, we took the opportunity to refresh and reinvest in Eight Day Week. Recognizing that the original motivations for making the plugin free and open still held true, we decided to take a few extra steps to ensure the solution is more approachable.

Reinvesting in Eight Day Week began with some plugin updates that included under the hood bug fixes and security enhancements, role management improvements, and updated documentation. We also created the new microsite and refreshed the plugin landing page to help better articulate what Eight Day Week offers.

Try Out Eight Day Week

We invite you to download the plugin from the WordPress.org repository, contribute on GitHub, or visit the Eight Day Week site to learn more or ask for help. We’d love to help any publication considering web-to-print integration adopt or adapt Eight Day Week.

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