WP Engine Includes ElasticPress.io In New eCommerce Hosting Plans

WP Engine recently announced a new eCommerce solution for Small/Medium Businesses (SMBs) seeking to launch a new WooCommerce store or scale up, optimize, and increase revenue for an existing online store.

ElasticPress delivers Instant Search for WP Engine eCommerce Hosting Plans

The new solution offers an integration with ElasticPress.io — our fully integrated, end-to-end SaaS solution for adding the power of Elasticsearch to WordPress and WooCommerce.

eCommerce Hosting + Premium Search

Already vetted by WP Engine for inclusion in their Solution Center, ElasticPress.io enhances online stores with a premium search experience. The ElasticPress.io integration, referred to as “Instant Search” or “Instant Store Search” by WP Engine, gives store owners access to the advanced search features of ElasticPress.io and the ability to manage searchable content in real-time:

  • Offload complex search queries and content-heavy views that commonly strain WordPress’ MySQL backend, so visitors can find what they want quickly and content creators can save time.
  • Tailor search results to showcase your most valuable and relevant products with the Weighting Engine and Custom Results Editor.
  • Manage common misspellings and associate interchangeable search keywords or phrases — like sweatshirt and hoodie — with the Synonym Dashboard.
  • Help shoppers see exactly where search results match their search query with search term highlighting within the content.
  • Make it easy and fast for shoppers to find what they’re looking for and clarify search intent with Autosuggest capabilities.
  • Search custom post types, categories, taxonomies, metadata, and more with a NoSQL data engine that responds to your site’s unique content.

Store owners who enable ElasticPress.io have seen revenue increases of up to 18% by taking advantage of the platform’s benefits.

Get Started Today

Getting started with WP Engine and ElasticPress.io is easy.

To build, launch, or migrate an existing WooCommerce store on a fast, secure, scalable eCommerce platform, pick an eCommerce hosting plan that includes Instant Store Search. By the time you’re done signing up, ElasticPress will be ready to go.

To learn how enhanced search can improve eCommerce conversion, you can watch a webinar I recently co-hosted with WP Engine: How to Optimize Search for Your WordPress Ecommerce Store.

Check out the official announcement post for more information about the new WP Engine integration; you can also contact us to explore additional ways we can work together to add enhanced search capabilities to any WordPress-powered eCommerce site.

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