Twenty-six 10uppers Contribute to WordPress 6.1 Release

Released last week, WordPress 6.1 (“Misha”) primarily delivers enhancements to the full site building experience in the Block Editor. The 6.1 release introduces a new default theme, Twenty Twenty-Three, and a suite of performance and usability improvements:

  • Introduction of new content templates that can accelerate page creation.
  • Block Template parts can now be defined in classic themes.
  • Performance improvements including caching `WP_Query` database queries, priming caches in `REST API` and multisite network options queries, as well as new Site Health checks for Persistent Object Cache and Page Cache.
  • Site Editor settings now sync across browsers and devices for each editor.
  • Improved ability to select partial paragraphs within a block.
  • The option to keep the list view of all blocks in a post on the left side as the default, as opposed to previously having to toggle it.

The new release is also packed with 60 enhancements for accessibility—including improvements to the included Twenty Twenty-Two and Twenty Twenty-Three themes, enhancements across WordPress’ administrative tools, and adjustments to the block editor.

WordPress 6.1 is named after Soviet-Norwegian jazz pianist Mikhail “Misha” Alperin,
who is credited with bringing jazz ensembles to the USSR.

Individuals from over 180 companies contributed to WordPress 6.1, with 10up representing the largest source of contributors outside of Automattic, at 26 contributors across 285 specific contributions. The immense volume of contributors is evidence of 10up’s commitment to advancing an open internet for all.

(graphic courtesy of Jean-Baptiste Audras, Twitter @audrasjb)

10up’s Director of Open Source Initiatives, Jeff Paul, worked as Core Tech Lead in this release. Engineers Peter Wilson and Mukesh Panchal were recognized as Noteworthy Contributors, with the 7th and 19th most commits, respectively. And a final thank you to every 10upper who contributed to improving WordPress: Akshit Sethi, Ankit Gupta, Bethany Chobanian Lang, Burhan Nasir, Daine Mawer, Darin Kotter, David Chandra, Dharmesh Patel, Emily Clarke, Eugene Manuilov, Evan Mattson, Fabian Kaegy, Faisal Alvi, Felipe Elia, Gabriel Rose, Ian Svoboda, Joseph Grainger, Joshua Abenazer, Mehul Kaklotar, Mohit Dadhich, Siddharth Thevaril, Sumit Barthariya, and Taylor Lovett.

Advancing a healthy, open internet is a core 10up value, and giving back via WordPress core contribution is one of the key ways that we fulfill that commitment. To learn more about 10up’s expertise in crafting WordPress solutions, our leadership within the WordPress open source project, and how we can support your digital goals, get in touch.

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