Eleven 10uppers Recognized In WordPress 5.9 Release

WordPress 5.9 Release

WordPress 5.9, released last week, marks the first public release of WordPress’ long-anticipated full site editing functionality alongside other block editor enhancements.

Full site editing extends the block editor’s reach beyond the boundaries of a single page: empowering the customization and management of global elements like a site’s header, footer, and menus just like any other block. To enable and use the feature, a site’s existing theme must be adapted or a new theme that’s made for the feature, called a “block theme,” must be created. We’re excited by the opportunities full site editing introduces.

WordPress 5.9 also features a number of changes to the existing block editor experience, including:

  • Content and layout blocks now include more granular control over typography, layout, and details like spacing and borders;
  • The List View sidebar now supports direct reorganization of content by dragging and dropping blocks;
  • Block patterns may now be locked at the block level – improving control over the intended consistency of content and configuration within each pattern.

Peter Wilson was recognized as a Noteworthy Contributor for this release, alongside ten other 10uppers. Thank you for helping make WordPress: Ankit Gupta, Crisoforo Gaspar Hernandez, Dhanendran Rajagopal, Dustin Rue, Fabian Kaegy, Felipe Elia, Jeffrey Paul, Junaid Bhura, Peter Wilson, Siddharth Thevaril, and Tung Du.

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