ClassifAI Expands Capabilities, Using AI for Recommended Content Block

The latest 1.8 release of ClassifAI incorporates an innovative Recommended Content Block feature — giving sites the ability to recommend related content to users through the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Built by 10up’s Open Source Practice, ClassifAI is a free WordPress plugin that augments sites, streamlines the editorial process, and increases audience engagement by utilizing AI and machine learning (ML). Since its launch, the plugin’s capabilities have grown to include automated content tagging and classification, AI-powered image tagging and descriptive alt text assignment, smart focal point cropping, and image / PDF optical character recognition (OCR).

The newly added Recommended Content Block recommends additional content to site visitors based on their behavior. For instance, after finishing an article or video, the Recommended Content Block will offer suggestions on what to read or watch next based on sitewide traffic history, encouraging the reader to extend their session by interacting with more content.

The Recommended Content Block integrates with Microsoft’s Azure Personalizer: an AI service that suggests content a reader is most likely to engage with and continuously improves the suggested content based on common engagement measures: click through rates and scroll depth.

The Recommended Content Block is a huge leap forward in bringing AI and ML to WordPress — with more on the way. In future releases, the Open Source Practice foresees the addition of unique AI-augmented content and editing, tailored to each website based on site owner prompts — a futuristic take on how content creation is evolving.

ClassifAI is also assessing community interest in potential future features like:

  • Adding user location data for better content recommendations;
  • Improving user-specific personalization by replacing sitewide traffic with individual user traffic for content recommendations;
  • Creating content internationalization by implementing language translation & transliteration capabilities;
  • WooCommerce product tagging for eCommerce websites;
  • Podcast transcript generation and integration with podcast plugins and services.

Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning are always on our minds at 10up. You can read more about our take on AI and ML’s place in the world of content creation in our white paper, Advancing Content Creation With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

To register for a free license key and download the plugin, head to Registration allows us to keep adopters apprised of major updates and beta testing opportunities, gather feedback, and prioritize common use cases.

If you’re interested in learning how AI and ML can augment your organization’s digital presence, get in touch. If you’d like to work on a team that contributes thousands of hours to open source projects every year and is at the forefront of integrating AI and ML technologies with WordPress, we’re always hiring.

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