Nineteen 10uppers Contribute to WordPress 6.2 Release

On March 29, WordPress released its first major update of 2023, WordPress 6.2 (“Dolphy”), with major improvements to the site editor experience. “Dolphy” also marks a shift in WordPress’ trajectory, with future releases emphasizing authoring workflows and collaborative experiences instead of theme-level customization.

Some major updates to the site editor experience and workflow include:

  • A new sidebar experience that makes editing site navigation more efficient.
  • Block Settings are now split into settings and styles to make the UI easier to understand.
  • Add new blocks easier with drag and drop capabilities for media and a split view option so you can swiftly navigate categories and previews.
  • Search for free-use images on Openverse directly in the editor.
  • Write completely distraction-free by hiding panels and controls.
  • Copy and paste complete styles from one block to another.
  • Easily push style updates of a block to apply globally.

WordPress named the 6.2 release after woodwind jazz artist Eric Allan Dolphy Jr., credited with the bass clarinet’s rising popularity and making space for the flute in jazz.

With over 900 updates and fixes, the 6.2 release also comes with performance improvements for block themes, including an overall faster load time of 14-18% and a 17-23% increase in server-side performance.

A total of 607 people from 145 identified companies contributed to WordPress 6.2. 19 10uppers contributed to the release: the third-largest cohort of contributors by company behind Automattic and WPDeveloper.

Graphic courtesy of Jb Audras at

Lead Web Engineer Peter Wilson was recognized as a Noteworthy Contributor and Mukesh Panchal as a Release Lead (Core Triage Co-Lead) to the 6.2 release. A huge thank you and congratulations to every 10upper that contributed to WordPress 6.2: Ajay Maurya, Ankit Gupta, Barry Ceelen, Bethany Chobanian Lang, Björn Holine, Clayton Collie, Dustin Rue, Eugene Manuilov, Fabian Kaegy, Faisal Alvi, Felipe Elia, Jeffrey Paul, Joe McGill, John Watkins, Lucy Tomas, Ritesh Patel, and Stephanie Walters.

Advancing a healthy, open internet is a core 10up value, and giving back via WordPress core contribution is one of the key ways that we fulfill that commitment. To learn more about 10up’s expertise in crafting WordPress solutions, our leadership within the WordPress open source project, and how we can support your digital goals, get in touch.

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