Twenty 10uppers Contribute to WordPress 6.4

Earlier this month, WordPress released version 6.4, “Shirley”, introducing a versatile new default theme, Twenty Twenty-Four, alongside enhancements to the Block Editor’s workflow and organization. Befitting the season of thanks and giving, we are proud to share that twenty 10uppers contributed to the release.

WordPress 6.4 enhances the Block Editor’s usability by introducing the ability to:

  • Conveniently preview gallery and image blocks while in list view;
  • Organize patterns with custom categories and advanced filtering;
  • Categorize groups of blocks with custom names;
  • Automatically add blocks to a site with the introduction of block hooks;
  • Utilize the same custom pattern across multiple sites by importing and exporting them as JSON files.

The command palette in 6.4 comes with a refreshed design and added commands for block-specific actions. The writing experience has also improved, with more keyboard shortcuts in list view, better control over link settings, and a unified toolbar experience in navigation, list, and quote blocks.

Alongside new features and improvements, WordPress 6.4 ships with a flexible new default theme, Twenty Twenty-Four. The theme includes a collection of 35 templates and patterns, designed for business and content use-cases.

WordPress 6.4 is named after the celebrated jazz singer and pianist, Shirley Horn. Most known for her smoky voice, Shirley achieved a Grammy Award for Best Jazz Vocal Performance and the National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Masters Award.

The 6.4 release was led entirely by folks who identify as an underrepresented gender (women, non-binary, and gender-expansive), which aimed to help empower diverse voices within the WordPress community.

Associate Director of Client Delivery Emily Clarke was the Performance Lead and Lead Web Engineer Stephanie Walters was a part of the Core Tech Lead cohort. Associate Director of Engineering Joe McGill and Senior Web Engineer Mukesh Panchal were recognized as Noteworthy Contributors.

Thank you to all 10uppers who contributed to the 6.4 release: Ajaka Roth, Ankit Gade, Ankit K Gupta, Darin Kotter, Dharmesh Patel, Fabian Kaegy, Faisal Alvi, Felipe Elia, Jake Goldman, Jeffrey Paul, Karthik Thayyil, Pete Nelson, Peter Wilson, Sarah Williams, Simon Dowdles, and Sumit Bagthariya.

10up’s contributions to the WordPress core are a key demonstration of our commitment to giving back to the open web ecosystem. If you’re interested in learning more about 10up’s expertise in crafting WordPress solutions, our leadership within the WordPress open source project, and how we can support your digital goals, get in touch.

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