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Using WordPress to Inspire Global Change

A driver of global improvement and collaboration for political, business and social impact initiatives, the World Economic Forum (WEF) leverages its WordPress-powered websites — forumblog.org and reports.weforum.org — to promote its mission and engage with international stakeholders.

In early 2014, WEF engaged 10up for site audit, remediation, and server optimization services seeking to improve both reader and editorial site experiences. The audit revealed several opportunities for streamlining editorial workflows, including more intuitive fallbacks for slider content and elimination of legacy administrative controls. In addition to these these granular enhancements, 10up also leveraged a system of custom post types and custom taxonomies to enable editors to easily curate content across templates and create associations between content.

To ensure ongoing stability and consistently speedy load times, 10up migrated the site to a new, more performant hosting environment. The migration resulted in a 38% decrease in load times for returning visitors. When traffic spiked to its highest annual peak during WEF’s annual meeting in Davos, the new server ran at no more than 10% capacity, eliminating the sluggish site experience readers had encountered during the 2013 annual meeting.

10up continues to work with WEF to implement improvements to core areas of the site, including the gallery and social sharing experiences.

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