Eight Day Week Print Workflow

Eight Day Week provides a set of tools to manage your print workflow directly in your WordPress dashboard–right where your posts are!
Primarily, it offers an interface to group, label, and manage the workflow status of posts in a printed “Issue”.


Create “Print Issues”

  • Add and order sections, and articles within sections
  • Assign article statuses specific to your print workflow

Limit access to Print Roles

Two custom roles are added by this plugin to best model a real-world print team.

  • The Print Editor role offers full access to the creation interfaces, such as Print Issue, Article Status, Print Publication, etc.
  • The Print Production role offers read-only access to a Print Issues. The XML export tool is also available to Production users.

View a Print Issue in “Read Only” mode

  • Circumvents the post locking feature by offering a read-only view of a print issue

XML Export to InDesign

  • Export XML files specifically formatted for import into InDesign

eight-day-week-print-workflow screenshot 1

eight-day-week-print-workflow screenshot 2

eight-day-week-print-workflow screenshot 3

eight-day-week-print-workflow screenshot 4

  • Requires 4.3+
  • Downloads 375
  • Updated 2016-05-01

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