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ElasticPress, a fast and flexible search and query engine for WordPress, enables WordPress to find or “query” relevant content extremely fast through a variety of highly customizable features. WordPress out-of-the-box struggles to analyze content relevancy and can be very slow. ElasticPress supercharges your WordPress website making for happier users and administrators. The plugin even contains features for popular plugins.

Here is a list of the amazing ElasticPress features included in the plugin:

Search: Instantly find the content you’re looking for. The first time.

Instant Results: A built for WordPress search experience that bypasses WordPress for optimal performance. Instant Results routes search queries through a dedicated API, separate from WordPress, returning results up to 10x faster than previous versions of ElasticPress.

WooCommerce: With ElasticPress, filtering WooCommerce product results is fast and easy. Your customers can find and buy exactly what they’re looking for, even if you have a large or complex product catalog.

Related Posts: ElasticPress understands data in real time, so it can instantly deliver engaging and precise related content with no impact on site performance.

Protected Content: Optionally index all of your content, including private and unpublished content, to speed up searches and queries in places like the administrative dashboard.

Documents: Indexes text inside of popular file types, and adds those files types to search results.

Autosuggest: Suggest relevant content as text is entered into the search field.

Filters: Add controls to your website to filter content by one or more taxonomies.

Comments: Indexes your comments and provides a widget with type-ahead search functionality. It works with WooCommerce product reviews out-of-the-box.

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  1. I am looking for a search solution that works with external vendors’ databases to search for products that will dynamically populate site pages with product information. The vendor does not allow storing its data in my local database. They provide the connection to their database via a Web services API. This is for an online bookstore and the queries are all related to books. All queries return data in XML format.

    Will ElasticPress allow for custom query builds that will use the Web Serves to retrieve data and populate the Woocommerce product pages?

    • Ray — I know we’ve answered this for you in a separate forum, but adding our response here as well for anyone else that comes this way with a similar question…

      Thanks for reaching out about ElasticPress.io!

      Unfortunately, I don’t believe ElasticPress will be a solution to the problem you’re describing. While we could ingest the content into our service (instead of your database), my guess is that the terms of service from the API provider aren’t limited to your specific database–they’re more generally stating that you can’t make a copy of their data and store it outside their API. Assuming that’s the case, our solution would simply move where the data is stored, but it would still be a remote copy from the API.

      If I’ve misunderstood the limitations, please let me know and maybe we’ll be able to come up with a solution!

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