Powerful search, powered by the open source Elasticsearch project.

ElasticPress, a fast and flexible search and query engine for WordPress, enables WordPress to find or “query” relevant content extremely fast through a variety of highly customizable modules. WordPress out-of-the-box struggles to analyze content relevancy and can be very slow. ElasticPress supercharges your WordPress website making for happier users and administrators.

Pick and choose the modules that makes sense for your website:

Search: Beef up your search to be more accurate, search tags, categories, and other taxonomies, catch misspellings, weight content by recency and more.

WooCommerce: Allow customers to filter through products faster and improve product search relevancy. Enable editors to find orders and products more effectively in the admin. This module will increase your sales bottom line and reduce administrative costs.

Related Posts: Help users easily find related content by adding related posts to the end of each post.

Admin: Help editors more effectively browse through content. Load long lists of posts faster. Filter posts faster. Please note this syncs draft content to Elasticsearch. You’ll need to make sure your Elasticsearch instance is properly secured.

Please refer to Github for detailed usage instructions and documentation.

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  • Requires 3.7.1+
  • Downloads 13,109
  • Updated 2016-11-11

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