Powerful search, powered by the open source Elasticsearch project.

ElasticPress, a fast and flexible search and query engine for WordPress, enables WordPress to find or “query” relevant content extremely fast through a variety of highly customizable features. WordPress out-of-the-box struggles to analyze content relevancy and can be very slow. ElasticPress supercharges your WordPress website making for happier users and administrators.

Here is a list of the amazing ElasticPress features included in the plugin:

Search: Instantly find the content you’re looking for. The first time.

WooCommerce: “I want a cotton, woman’s t-shirt, for under $15 that’s in stock.” Faceted product browsing strains servers and increases load times. Your buyers can find the perfect product quickly, and buy it quickly.

Related Posts: ElasticPress understands data in real time, so it can instantly deliver engaging and precise related content with no impact on site performance.

Protected Content: Optionally index all of your content, including private and unpublished content, to speed up searches and queries in places like the administrative dashboard.

Documents: Indexes text inside of popular file types, and adds those files types to search results.

Autosuggest: Suggest relevant content as text is entered into the search field.

Facets: Suggest relevant content as text is entered into the search field.

Users: Improve user search relevancy and query performance.

Please refer to Github for detailed usage instructions and documentation.

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  • Requires 3.7.1+
  • Downloads 93,477
  • Updated 2019-06-04
  1. sir i have large database site & i have installed elasticpress on my site

    how can i know that the search results are coming through elastic search database?
    How can i add filters & autosuggest on wordpress with your plugins?

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