Microsoft Azure Storage for WordPress

Use the Microsoft Azure Storage service to host your website's media files.

This WordPress plugin allows you to use Microsoft Azure Storage Service to host your media and uploads for your WordPress powered website. Microsoft Azure Storage is an effective way to infinitely scale storage of your site and leverage Azure’s global infrastructure.

For more details on Microsoft Azure Storage, please visit the Microsoft Azure website.

For more details on configuring a Microsoft Azure Storage account and on using the plugin with the Block Editor or Classic Editor, please visit the user guide.

Known Issues

Storage Account Versions

Storage accounts can be created via CLI, classic Azure portal, or the new Azure portal,
with varying results.

If a Storage account is created with the new Azure portal, authentication will fail,
resulting in the inability to view/add containers or files. Creating a Storage account
with the Azure CLI should allow the plugin to work with new Storage accounts.

Responsive Images in WordPress 4.4

Images uploaded to the Azure Storage service will not automatically receive responsive versions.
Images added through the WordPress Media Loader should get automatically converted to responsive
images when inserted into a post or page.
We are investigating options for full support of responsive images in the plugin.

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  • Requires 6.3+
  • Downloads 87,631
  • Updated 2024-05-06
  1. Hi,
    We are having an issue with this plugin but have been unable to find support anywhere.
    We left a ticket on the WordPress Plugin Forum but it’s been a week and no one has responded.

    Basically because the Azure Container doesn’t have an SSL certificate associated with it, it’s giving mixed content warnings on our page and our images aren’t loading.

    If there’s any way to get support for this issue we’d be greatly appreciative.


    • Gianpaolo – Thanks for reaching out, I’m assuming you’re referencing the HTTP / HTTPS support message. If that’s the case, then our team already has it on their review list this week; you can expect a response on If you can share any additional information about your setup (WordPress version, PHP version, plugin version, etc.), then that will help the team better attempt to triage your issue.


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