Proud to announce Brainstorm joining 10up

Over the past few years, the Brainstorm team was pleasantly surprised each time we encountered 10up. While meeting at conferences around the country, we discovered a deep-set of shared values and goals. 10up and Brainstorm believe that democratized, open publishing platforms like WordPress can make the web — and the world — a better place. We embrace community contribution, and improving the lives of those around us.

Brainstorm joins 10up

As a co-founder of Brainstorm, I (Paul Clark) will be focusing on building new business opportunities, with a special focus on non-profit and cause-oriented engagement. Anyone who has seen my 5-minute talk, “How WordPress Saves Lives and Moves Governments,” knows I hold a special place in my heart for big ideas and humanitarian causes.

Taylor Aldridge, Brainstorm’s co-founder, will bring his decades of creative and design experience to 10up’s quickly growing design team, and is eager to see 10up’s creative reputation match its software engineering cred.

The rest of Brainstorm’s team is excited to bring its engineering and design expertise on board. Random fact: web developer Michael Jordan will become 10up’s third developer in Germany. Rumor has it he will also be sought after in our annual basketball tournament.

The acquisition goes into effect on January 1. We are excited about all we will create together!

Editor’s Note from Jake: The first time I happened to sit down with Paul and Taylor, over 2 years ago at a speaker’s dinner, we hit it off. At the time, 10up had a few employees, and Paul and Taylor were just getting on their feet. Little did I imagine that I would come to think of this as our first “date.” Paul and Taylor bring real charisma and gravitas to their work, a consequence of a genuine love for their craft. When 10up began to consider bringing in impressive, upstart teams, Brainstorm was at the top of my list. I’m thrilled to enter 2014 with Brainstorm on board.

About Brainstorm Media

Brainstorm Media is a team of passionate designers, developers, and teachers. Together, they are in the business of changing the world using WordPress.

The Brainstorm team loves to achieve grand goals for great causes. Whether engaging non-profit foundation members, tracking human rights abuses, or solving business challenges, they listen between the lines, think past limitations, and envision new paths to success and value.

The Brainstorm team is proud to have created intelligent, intuitive solutions for great clients including The Wall Street Journal, Iomega, and the California Attorney General. They are WordPress core contributors, and have published dozens of plugins with tens of thousands of downloads.

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