Double Days of Discourse in Dallas

I’m proud to be joining my fellow 10uppers for not one, but two WordPress-focused conferences in Dallas, Texas this weekend!

Scott Kingsley Clark, Lead Developer of the Pods Framework for WordPress, will kick things off with several talks on Friday at PodsCamp, which focuses on the flexibility and varying use cases for the Pods plugin.

If Scott doesn’t collapse from exhaustion after giving four talks, he’ll join Corey Ellis, Jon Bellah, and myself at WordCamp Dallas the next day. Come say hello between sessions, or join us at one of our talks listed below!

Between the four of us, there’s content for WordPress developers of all skill levels: Corey will dig into WordPress themes for those just getting started. I’ll cover the benefits and trade-offs of several WordPress career tracks, while Jon will bring your development skills to the next level for high-performance sites. Want to know how to quickly extend WordPress to manage almost any type of content? Any of Scott’s talks at PodsCamp will fit the bill!

PodsCamp Dallas — October 3, 2014

Scott Kingsley Clark will be presenting four (yes, four!) talks on the popular Pods plugin:

WordCamp Dallas — October 4, 2014

10up on Fire at WordCamp Phoenix 2014

WordCamp Phoenix holds a special place in my (Paul Clark) heart as a place of many firsts.

In 2012, Taylor Aldridge and I watched 10up’s Helen Hou-Sandi present on Maintaining a Beautiful WordPress Admin UI. It was our first WordCamp as a small agency called Brainstorm Media.

In 2013, I returned for my first time as a speaker, presenting How WordPress Saves Lives: Freedom, Hope, and Custom Post Types.

This year, Taylor Aldridge and I are proud both to be speaking and to a be a part of the 10up team. As the start to an exciting new year, Brainstorm Media joined the talented team of WordPress developers at 10up.

In total, that makes five team members and six talks that will be presenting at WordCamp Phoenix this year. Find us on the schedule, and come chat with us at the after party!

Proud to announce Brainstorm joining 10up

Over the past few years, the Brainstorm team was pleasantly surprised each time we encountered 10up. While meeting at conferences around the country, we discovered a deep-set of shared values and goals. 10up and Brainstorm believe that democratized, open publishing platforms like WordPress can make the web — and the world — a better place. We embrace community contribution, and improving the lives of those around us.

Brainstorm joins 10up

As a co-founder of Brainstorm, I (Paul Clark) will be focusing on building new business opportunities, with a special focus on non-profit and cause-oriented engagement. Anyone who has seen my 5-minute talk, “How WordPress Saves Lives and Moves Governments,” knows I hold a special place in my heart for big ideas and humanitarian causes.

Taylor Aldridge, Brainstorm’s co-founder, will bring his decades of creative and design experience to 10up’s quickly growing design team, and is eager to see 10up’s creative reputation match its software engineering cred.

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