10up at WordCamp Europe 2016


Be sure to catch 10up at WordCamp Europe 2016, taking place June 24-26 in Vienna, Austria.

Lead Web Engineer—and WordPress release co-leadAdam Silverstein will be “Making Ads Great Again.” Offline advertising can be enjoyable, entertaining, moving, and even beautiful. Why is it such an awful experience online? This talk will explore how to better serve ads and how developers can speak the language of ad-ops.

Director of Platform Experience Helen Hou-Sandí wasn’t always a web developer (and WordPress core committer). A former professional musician, she will make the connection between skills acquired as a classical pianist and skills she applies today as a leader in open source software development. Her talk, “Code is Poetry: A Musician’s Tale,” celebrates alternative paths into the WordPress community.

To complete the #10upworldwide trifecta, Director of Engineering Taylor Lovett will present “Modernizing WordPress Search with Elasticsearch.” An overview of Elasticsearch and it’s viability as a replacement for out-of-the-box WordPress search, he will show how to integrate Elasticsearch using our open source plugin, ElasticPress.

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