Countdown to 2018

With the holidays revving up, 10uppers are taking some time to wind down and recharge before coming back in the new year. We’ll be on break from Friday, December 22nd, through Monday, January 1st, and back at it on Tuesday, January 2nd.

We thought we’d turn last year’s holiday break post into a tradition, so we asked some of our team: what are we doing while we’re away from our keyboards for 11 days?

“Getting settled into our new home!”
Christine Garrison, Good & Welfare Officer | Radford, VA

“Visiting my family in Wisconsin for the whole holiday break. I’m going to freeze!”
Celeste Chapman, Financial Operations Specialist | Atlanta, GA

“I’m spending time with my family, and hoping to get some rest before the twin boys arrive and turn the world upside-down!”
Sarah James, Senior User Experience Designer | Phoenix, AZ

“After Christmas day, my best friend from college and I are driving from Birmingham to New Smyrna Beach, FL in my Miata convertible I bought two months ago to spend a few days at beach.”
Ricky Lee Whittemore, Lead Web Engineer | Jasper, AL

“I’ll be partaking in the time-honored tradition of watching my favorite holiday movies at my local movie house: A Christmas Story and, of course, Die Hard”
Pete Nelson, Senior Web Engineer | Austin, TX

“Spending the holidays with family in Virginia!”
Brandi Morgan, Senior Project Manager | Flagstaff, AZ

“We decided to take a last minute trip to DC, hoping to see snow!”
Alicia Remedios, Accounts Operations Manager | Kingsland, GA

“Getting together with family and doing some remodeling at my parent’s house.”
Alex Waranius, Resourcing Manager | Milwaukee, WI

“I’m going to Disneyland.”
Christopher Lauzon, Senior Web Strategist | Ventura, CA

“I’ll be in Kansas City, Mo all break.”
Veronica Bruce, Financial Operations Manager | Bay Minette, AL

“I hope to have a quiet week visiting with family and friends. I also plan on skiing and playing in the snow.”
Ben Greeley, Lead Web Engineer | Waterville, ME

“Probably balancing homebound time with activities for my 5 year-old son (who’s dying to go mini-golfing…in the rain).”
Melissa Vander Wilt, Senior User Experience Designer | Portland, OR

“I’ll be mostly taking it easy, catching up on some rest and enjoying some uninterrupted family time.
Helen Hou-Sandí, Director of Platform Experience | Jersey City, NJ

“Probably spending most of the break relaxing up at my moms house in the mountains. My son is coming to town, hoping for some serious downtime.”
Adam Silverstein, Lead Web Engineer | Asheville, NC

“I’ll be heading up to a B&B in the San Juan Islands (Washington) for a few days with my wife and hopefully getting in a skiing day or two.”
Adam Edgerton, Associate Director of Client Delivery | Portland, OR

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