Distributor 1.6 Introduces New Setup Wizard, Improved Tooling, and Official Hook Documentation

Distributor is our free WordPress plugin that empowers content managers to safely reuse and syndicate content across websites within a WordPress multisite network or across the web using the REST API. Designed with an intuitive user experience, Distributor integrates both “push” and “pull” use cases for sharing content and media between sites.

The release of Distributor 1.6 — with a new setup wizard, improved push/pull management, clearer warnings to facilitate swift troubleshooting when issues arise, and Site Health Info integration, as well as added developer hooks — exemplifies our continued investment in making the plugin easier to use and empowering developers to tailor it to fit even the most complicated workflows.

Distributor Setup Wizard

When Distributor is installed on a WordPress multisite network, all sites are automatically detected, along with each user’s publishing permissions for each site, and content can be distributed without additional configuration. Distributing content to separate WordPress instances, however, requires the configuration of external connections through the REST API.

Distributor’s new Application Authorization Setup Wizard delivers significant improvements to the onboarding process when connecting separate WordPress instances.

An integration with Application Passwords simplifies the external connection set-up process between sites running the latest version of Distributor. Now, this process can be completed by simply entering the external site URL, clicking “Yes, I approve this connection,” and editing/saving the connection.

Distributor Setup Wizard

Improved Push/Pull Management

Push Content

Sites with a substantial number of internal or external connections, such as franchise site networks with 10, 20, or even hundreds of sites, previously had to manage the distribution of content to each site connection individually. New Select All, Clear, and View buttons make it easier for site managers to push content in bulk.

Distributor Push Content Example

Pull Content

Pulling content used to require three separate clicks. A new option enables site managers to pull a post with just one click.

Distributor Pull Content Screen

Site Health Screen Integration

Distributor’s integration with the WordPress Site Health tool, released as part of WordPress 5.2, will help site owners troubleshoot plugin issues. When Distributor is installed, the Site Health screen will display non-private information such as the plugin version, external connections, and other helpful configuration data.

Distributor Information Displayed in the WordPress Site Health Screen

Developer Empowerment

Like all 10up open-source solutions, Distributor is built with the same extensible approach as WordPress itself and designed to empower other developers. With this latest release, we have made it even easier for developers to work with Distributor by adding new actions and filters and creating a hook documentation site that is updated automatically with each release.

Get Distributor

If you’re interested in using Distributor, we have a registration program that ensures adopters are apprised of major updates and beta testing opportunities and allows us to gather feedback and prioritize common use cases. Registrants receive a free license key, which enables one-click updates in the WordPress dashboard.

To register and download the plugin, head to DistributorPlugin.com. Distributor is also available on GitHub, where we are actively reviewing feedback and issue reports. If Distributor and our open-source work are interesting to you, come work with us!

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