10up at WP Engine Summit/2020

WP Engine Summit 2020

In two days, 10up is taking an active role in WP Engine Summit/2020. The Summit, taking place on June 10 from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm CDT, will feature a keynote by Robert Herjavec from SharkTank and break down open source trends, technologies, research, and campaigns that accelerate digital breakthroughs. This year, it will be held online through a combination of live and on-demand virtual content and creative networking. Registration is free.

make|Shift Panel

I’m excited to participate in a panel discussion centered around the make|Shift documentary, which examines the constantly evolving ways brands take advantage of digital. Moderated by Mary Ellen Dugan, CMO at WP Engine, the panel will take place at 12:10 pm CDT and reflect on themes from the documentary as well as new challenges emerging since the original filming.

On Demand Insights

In an on-demand presentation, 10up’s Associate Director of Revenue Strategy, Katie Wilkerson, addresses a growing ad buying trend in which advertisers purchase ads based on ad viewability, and in some cases, only agree to pay for impressions that reach a specific viewability percentage.

“The One Revenue Metric To Rule Them All” applies our experience as a Google Ad Manager 360 Partner to spotlight winning strategies and tactics to optimize the viewability of ad units across a website.

Platinum Sponsorship

After having participated in several past WP Engine Summits in Austin, I’m looking forward to supporting this year’s remote approach with 10up’s Platinum Sponsorship.

You can visit our sponsor landing page to download a case study highlighting our work with Sunbeam Television Corp. and our new AcceleRev service. We’ll also have a sponsor Slack channel open throughout the event where 10up team members will be standing by to chat and answer questions.

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