ClassifAI Turns 2.0, With OpenAI Integrations and Content Generation Applications

The latest 2.0 release of ClassifAI — our open source plugin that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to augment content creation within WordPress — comes with OpenAI GPT and DALL·E integration, expanding the plugin’s capabilities in aiding editors.

Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT API, ClassifAI can now automatically generate post excerpts for content where they are missing on your site; a significant time-saver for content creators that can also improve SEO optimization when used for search engine descriptions. The 2.0 release also integrates OpenAI’s DALL·E API to create AI-generated images based on input described by content creators (known as “prompts”), which showcases one of the new ways AI will interact with the content creation process.

These notable updates showcase ClassifAI’s future as an assistant throughout the creative process. In keeping with our mission to make a better web, we’re focused on practical, real world applications that reduce the time spent on tedious and administrative publishing chores, empowering writers and content creators to focus on what matters most: creating high-quality, unique, and innovative content.

In this spirit, ClassifAI continues to maintain and improve all of its previous capabilities, including automatic image descriptions, smart focal cropping, automatic content tagging, and a recommended content block feature that can drive audience engagement.

10up is committed to research and development for AI applications in web content management, ensuring that our clients and the larger open web ecosystem benefit from these rapidly expanding technologies. Expect to see regular feature drops and upgrades to ClassifAI. You can stay updated by following our the latest innovations at the ClassifAI GitHub or signing up for updates when you download ClassifAI.

To obtain a free registration key and download the plugin, head to

If you’re interested in learning how AI can augment your content creation experience, get in touch. If you’d like to work on a team that contributes thousands of hours to open source projects every year and is at the forefront of innovating with WordPress, we’re always hiring.

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