10up expertise in Net Magazine’s latest cover story

Corey in NetMagNet Magazine’s latest cover story details 8 “dos and don’ts” for architecting WordPress themes with best practices and an eye towards maintainability. In this article, I cover the WordPress template hierarchy and the loop, foundational concepts necessary to build and understand WordPress themes. A few 10up clients, like H.M.Clause, also get shout outs.

Net Magazine is a 20-year-old publication for professional and amateur web designers and developers; having published insights and stories from 10uppers in the past, they’ve come to recognize 10up as an expert resource.

Past contributions by 10up include Eric Mann’s strategy for featuring rich graphical media in a WordPress site without sacrificing page performance, and Eric’s preview of WordPress 4.0 with contributions from Helen Hou-Sandi.

I’m excited to be the lead-off speaker at the 3rd annual WP Summit today. This one-day online conference brings together some of the most talented presenters covering various aspects of WordPress.  My talk will focus on the nuts and bolts of putting together a WordPress theme.  If you have ever wanted to start building your own themes then this talk will get you started.