MCE Table Buttons

Adds table editing controls to a third row in the WordPress editor.

Adds table editing controls to the visual content editor (TinyMCE).

A light weight plug-in that adds the table editing controls from the full version of TinyMCE, optimized for WordPress. Note that this may not work in conjunction with other plug-ins that significantly alter or replace the visual editor’s default behavior.

Note that the table controls are contained in the “kitchen sink” toolbar, toggled with the last button on the first row of controls.

The editor with the added table editing controls.

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  • Requires 4.0+
  • Downloads 571,722
  • Updated 2018-06-18
  1. Really great job Jake.
    Could you add please all the language files found in /wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/table/langs ? [ de, es, fr, it ]

    Thanks a lot again,

  2. Don’t work with WP 3.2.1. Tried to fix it. but no luck… I see only button “insert table” and no other buttons. Hope you’ll fix it!

    • Works great in my tests! Maybe a conflicting plug-in?

      • I agree with Jet, but I have 3.3.1.
        I installed it, activated it, and went to “new post”. the toolbar looks nothing like your picture above. Interestingly enough though, when it’s still loading the page, it does show a 2nd line, but then goes back to default (like the plugin tried to work but crashed or didn’t load). If it worked on yours, then great! How do I get it to work on mine?

        • Do you know how to open the “kitchen sink” toolbar? It’s the button in the first row which looks like a line of small squares followed by a double line.

          • I’m getting the same thing only I do not see any insert table and I don’t see any button as what you describe a kitchen sink…. HELP

  3. Jake…nice work.
    1 issue- how on earth do you remove the table borders? set colours to white, tried 0 for border- everything but still shows grey border outline…HELP!!!

    • Use your theme stylesheet.

      • Hello Jake
        Can you please explain what exactly to change in order to get rid of the grey borders?
        many thanks

      • samer here. Cant for the life of me get rid of the boarders, the Table Properties doesn’t do it.

  4. Quisiera saber si funciona para wordpress 3.2.1. pues me aparese en la lista de los plusing pero no cuando voy a editar un texto en una entrada o pagina.

    Muchas Gracias

  5. We’re experiencing the same issue in 3.2.1 – doesn’t show up after activation.

    We’ve got numerous other plugins installed. Disabling all of them doesn’t help.

    Any known conflicts?
    (If you’re interested email me for a full list)

  6. I get a “failed to load editor_plugin.js”. I’ve disabled all other plugins. Am running WP 3.2.1. Any ideas?

  7. Hello! First, great plugin, second, I want to add my own FR language file to your plugin. I’m trying to create a fr_dlg.js file, but it doesn’t seems to work. I can replace the en_dlg.js file but i don’t want to do it again if the plugin is updated… any solution? thanks!

  8. hello mr goldman.
    i can’t see your new button on wordpress 3.2.1 in hebrew
    and even if you say it can be a colusion of plugin, how can i know?
    i dont even know how button look like.
    and if you can add hebrew to languages, ill thank that too.

  9. Hi, Jake!

    Very good work! Where this plugin get a table classes? How I can make classes of my own?


    • I would like to know this too. I would also like to add custom classes.

      • Me too – looking at the javascript it seems to query the classes from the dom of the browser – so I think the classes available will be those loaded by WP when in the Admin panel. I’m using a theme which allows custom classes to be defined, but I don’t think these are loaded when viewing the Admin panel so aren’t available when you look at the cell properties. It’s a pity that the classes are fixed using the pull-down – if it allowed class names to be typed in manually it would be more flexible.

        • Fair enough, but remember, the plug-in is just designed to add the existing MCE Tables plug-in back into WordPress’s implementation of TinyMCE. So for now, the features of the table editor will be those included in the stock MCE table plug-in.

          • have you considered updating the bundled table plugin to the newest version?

  10. Hi, I do a french translation for your plugin, please contact me by email for sending ;)

  11. Hey Jake !

    I m following your plugin since few version and I just realize that it doesn t work at all on my Chrome browser… I checked/disable extensions but nothing solve it ….

    Do you have this kind of problem ?


  12. Hi, great work… is im having problems with a two column table. I cant get the picture (first column) to line-up with test (second Column) . please help

  13. Simply feature request: please add the TinyMCE delete table button :)

    Thanks for the great plugin!

  14. Hey, Jake…

    Great plugin! Is there a way to REMOVE formatting from a table? When I paste a table from Word, it includes all the widths, heights, alignment, etc. Is there an easy way to strip all of that, so I can style everything with css?


    • Did you try the “paste from Word” feature?

      • Yes…the “paste from Word” puts the table in, but includes all the cellpadding, cellspacing, widths and “valign” (which isn’t proper coding for xhtml).

        I’ve tried using your plugin to set everything to ‘0’, but then it leaves in “style=”width: 0px;” It also would be nice if it could strip the styles, padding, alignment out as well as put it in.

  15. Very useful plugin! loved it. I often find myself creating tables in my pages and posts – this makes it SO much easier!
    Will make a small donation.

  16. hi, with two columns – what ever I do with the settings I can’t get images and text to align to the top? text is dropped to under the image? any ideas. thanks Andy

  17. Love the plugin. Unfortunately seems to conflict with Tiny MCE Advanced when used with WP 3.4 I can have one or the other active, but not both. Any ideas? Thanks for a great plugin.

    • The plug-in is not designed to be compatible with alternative visual editors (MCE setups). I believe Tiny MCE Advanced has it’s own table editing buttons, however.

  18. How do I justify the text in one of my columns so that it is not centered? The left alignment button in the wordpress editor appears to work in the editing window, but does not seem to have an effect after the post is published. For an example please see:

    • Sounds like an issue with your front end stylesheet.

  19. I’ve installed the table into a WordPress website for a client and I can’t work out how to create lines around each cell or to separate each row. I’m sure I am missing something very simple. Look forward to hearing from you.

  20. I was so pleased to find this…I love tables. Problem…tables align beautifully left or right in my three browsers..FF, IE, and Chrome. They align center in IE, but not in Chrome or FF…Thoughts

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