MCE Table Buttons

Adds table editing controls to a third row in the WordPress editor.

Adds table editing controls to the visual content editor (TinyMCE).

A light weight plug-in that adds the table editing controls from the full version of TinyMCE, optimized for WordPress. Note that this may not work in conjunction with other plug-ins that significantly alter or replace the visual editor’s default behavior.

Note that the table controls are contained in the “kitchen sink” toolbar, toggled with the last button on the first row of controls.

The editor with the added table editing controls.

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  • Requires 4.0+
  • Downloads 700,769
  • Updated 2022-01-27
  1. Tables were working fine until I “upgraded” to WordPress 3.5.1. Not I can’t edit a table; I can only insert, which is a bit disastrous.

    • OK to cancel this. It started working again when my son updated ALL the plugins.

  2. Really liked your theme and your plugins!

    • Thanks!

      • how to remove extra blank spaces () at above table?????

  3. Hi Jake, Is there a max number of rows? I have an issue where sorting alphabetically restarts at a certain point.

    • No coded limit, no.

  4. I use a theme which has an extra row in the kitchen sink. MCE Table Buttons is being added at the same row. How hard is it to make MCE Table Buttons to be in own row?

    • Not hard, but it would require forking the code. Maybe a filter in the next version…

  5. Hi,

    I have installed and activated the plugin but it still same. Please see the screenshot:

    Do I need to activate any other option??


    • See that last button? That’s the kitchen sink button – click it to show extra toolbars, including tables!

  6. Any idea why cell border, cell padding, and cell spacing are not working on any of my sites? Is there something I need to do?

    • Probably a reset CSS stylesheet in your theme… Not much you can do about that, short of adding your own styles.

  7. the plugin is great. however, my client have list of product like 20+ column per row and over 1k row of items to list in. it cannot support.

    it shows “413 Request Entity Too Large” page

    please help ? thank you.

    • I’m guessing that’s WordPress rejecting the size of your content, not anything particular to the plug-in. You should probably rethink your approach here.. perhaps those items should be custom post types, which the theme generates in a table, rather than maintained in one HUGE table?

  8. Hi. Thanks for the great plugin.
    I use wp_editor to add a custom wysiwyg editor. How can I enable table buttons on that editor too ?
    My add meta box code is this :

    $values = get_post_custom( $post->ID );
    $specifications = isset( $values[‘bikes_meta_box_specifications’] ) ? ( $values[‘bikes_meta_box_specifications’][0] ) : ”;

    • It should add itself to any full instance of wp_editor automatically. Just open up the kitchen sink (the last button in the first row, typically).

  9. Hey mate, thanks for the great plugin! I have one problem, though. I want the table to not show his borders on my page. Tried with border: 0px and color #fff, but it still shows. Can you help me with this?

  10. Can I remove the horizontal lines?

    • What horizontal lines?

  11. Hi,
    Since a few days I´ve got big problems when I edit my WP sites, where I use MCE Table Buttons. It´s a great plugin, I just love it, but suddenly the cursor does not stay where I put it, so it´s almost impossible to create new table rows. Even worse, is the situation when I select a Word or a line of text to create a link. Then the selection moves around and multiple table rows, or even the entire table is marked blue. This soon drives me crazy! I know it’s MCE Table Buttons causing the problem, because if I disable the plugin, everything works normally in edit mode. But I really need my tables, I have lots of lists on my WP site, which need to be in tables to look neat. Please, help!

  12. hi i love to see this plugin work. but when i click on the ‘insert new table’, a small window comes up (which supposed to be the setting of the table), blank. i waited for a long time and nothing else appears. is there something i did wrong or i have to do or disable?

  13. Hello, very nice plugin, but I ran in to one problem, vertical align is not working becouse of new coding style. The plugin codes something like that:
    but unfortunetly its only works when it looks like that: Any ideas how to solve the problem, is there any easy way to modify your plugin to make the code in new style?

  14. Hi , use your plug in extensively– olve the plug in, it works great– but today it disappeared, along with the kitchen sink button.. any thoughts?

  15. Hi!

    I’ve installed the plugins and works almost perfect! I have a problem in the editor. When I create a table, i cannot see any cols. They’re there, but it doesnt show up in the editor. Here it is and screenshot:

    What can i do?

    • It’s almost certainly the editor stylesheet for your theme.

  16. Love the plug-in but it no longer works in the shortly-to-be-released WordPress 3.9. You may find this link interesting:

    • Yep – the new version has been updated to support Tiny MCE 4!

  17. Hello, just want to say nice work on this plugin, I really like it. Curious though, I would like to customize the output of the table’s html, specifically adding classes to the table element and other elements. My goal is to have those classes as default/preset so the user does not have to worry about making selections. Is this possible, if so any direction that you can provide would be awesome! Thanks!

  18. We use Advanced Custom Fields: Flexible Content Field and MCE Table Buttons. In the past we have had the table buttons availble to add content into the flexible content field. But recently the table buttons are no long available. The table buttons are however available in the main content are when making new pages. Any idea how I can get the buttons back in the flexible content area? Thanks.

    • I have a feeling the ACF plugin is missing some important hooks. I’ll investigate.

  19. Hmmm – seeing the same thing here. The last update saw the MCE Table buttons disappear from the editor.

  20. Hi

    I have installed MCE Table Buttons in WP 3.9 (standard Twenty Thirteen theme), and only see one additional button in the expanded toolbar – a generic table dropdown table menu with very few editing options. For example, there is no option to change the color of a cell, etc.

    Your site suggests that the plugin installs another toolbar row, with multiple buttons to edit table properties, cells properties, etc.

    Should MCE Table buttons display separate buttons in the toolbar with WP 3.9? Or only one dropdown table menu?

    I have not discovered any settings for the plugin where I might be able to change this appearance.


    • Yep – it’s moved to a single button in 3.9.

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