MCE Table Buttons

Adds table editing controls to a third row in the WordPress editor.

Adds table editing controls to the visual content editor (TinyMCE).

A light weight plug-in that adds the table editing controls from the full version of TinyMCE, optimized for WordPress. Note that this may not work in conjunction with other plug-ins that significantly alter or replace the visual editor’s default behavior.

Note that the table controls are contained in the “kitchen sink” toolbar, toggled with the last button on the first row of controls.

The editor with the added table editing controls.

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  • Requires 4.0+
  • Downloads 700,769
  • Updated 2022-01-27
  1. Your plugin worked fine until the last WP update on 4/16/2014, after the update there was only a single table button with some drop down commands. Looks like the standard table controls for tinymce. I tried to remove the plugin and re-install but I had the same result. I also tried a couple of other MCE table expansion plugins and got the same result. Looks like the latest WP is not compatible with your code.

    • Yes, the plugin has been simplified into a single button. What functionality is missing? You should have all of the same features, just simplified into a single control / menu.

  2. Great plugin – just one problem. I have two sites on WordPress platforms, essentially the same content. The plugin is installed on both, but is only appearing on one of the two sites. Ideas?

    • Did you open the “kitchen sink” in the visual editor? Keep in mind WordPress 3.9 moves to a single button in the second row of controls. Perhaps you’re running an older version on one site, and a new version on the other?

  3. vertical align no longer appears as an option.

  4. Thanks for the plugin, Jake. But my problem is I need to change the background color on different rows. I don’t see an option for color? TinyMCE removed the whole Table feature.

  5. Hello, Is it possible to change colors in a cell ? This plugin is very useful but i would change just the cell color. Could you help me ?

  6. Hi. If I am logged in as an administrator I can see the table buttons but other persons who are logged in not. If I am changing the rights to admin it has no effects. Any ideas why the user can not see it?

    • Will investigate.

  7. Hello,
    Is there a way to put a 1 pix border around a picture. Have tried and the boarder lines get messed some double on side or bottom. Not sure what I am doing wrong.


  8. Great plugin and working on 4.0 — just one issue that I’ve found so far:
    I can’t add a link inside any table cell. Have tried multiple time and it just doesn’t format the link at all. This is typing directly in the table, not pasting from any source.

    I’m aware that I could drop into the text/code editor to manually add a href tag, but am trying to set this up for a user who has no code experience, and being able to add a link inside the table cell using the toolbar would be ideal.

    Any ideas, help or advice to get a link to format inside a table cell?

    • We’ll investigate!

  9. Is there a easy way to make Tables responsive?

    I like creating tables with MCE Table Buttons, but on smarthones they dont look so good. :-(

    • The presentation is dependent on your theme’s stylesheet. We just insert the HTML. :-)

      • Hi Jake – sorry to bump an old comment.
        I have the same question as Thomas, as the plugin inserts width and height attributes onto the table tag. Is there any option to disable this, or is it better to rely on Javascript to remove those attributes?

        Best Regards,

  10. Great plugin but one small problem on 4.1 for me, the borderlines for cells don’t show up. It only puts a line at the bottom of the table, in the color I specify. But no separation lines around the cells.

    Could you take a look at this?


  11. Hi, there is no vertical align option for a cell?

  12. Hi, great plug in but I dont seem to be able to get the cell padding and spacing working. Also, on wrap test ,spacing between lines is too large, can this be set?

  13. I like this plugin, however, the cell colors are not white. It is this off white color. I have changed the colors in table properties to white and it doesnt change anything at all. I even changed the color of the table to black and it didn’t do anything.

  14. Cant Change the Backgroundcolors, or Borders. I changed them in the Tableoptions, but nothing happened..Pls help

  15. Great plugin, but when I try to put an image on the same line as the text, the text goes to the bottom. How do I get them to sit on the same line? Thank you.

  16. Hello,
    I love your plugin but would really like to have tables responsive?


    • Mike,

      To get the table to be responsive, click on the Table Properties option and change the width to 100%. Then save and check it out. If you put a fixed width in then it will not be responsive.

      Hope this helps!

      • Mine is set to width 100% but I have two columns. When the screen shrinks down or it’s on a phone, the two columns smoosh together, rather than the second column moving a row below the first so they’re stacked. Is there a way to edit it in html not to smoosh? :)

        • Kara – I don’t immediately know of a way to have columns split out and stacked like you’re asking for and don’t recall seeing this in action on any sites in the past. Are you seeing a site that responsibly stacks columns like you’re asking for?

  17. Hello,

    Curious why the text in cells has more than a 1.0 spacing between lines of text? What do I need to do so the lines of text have normal spacing between lines of text instead of this extra padding between lines.


  18. I love this plugin and have used it on numerous sites, but I have always been able to zap the border in the stylesheet, because for some reason doing it in the Table Properties box hasn’t worked for me. I was wondering if there is a trick to getting rid of the border? The site that I’m struggling with right now is and I have inspected the page to find the line of code, but it just says (index) line 116, there is no stylesheet line. Any help would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!

  19. Did class name support get dropped in the latest version?

  20. Hello i am wondering why my table Border is not showing up in actual article but it show in backend.

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