10up partners with Joyent to bring WordPress to Docker

We’re proud to announce that 10up has partnered with Joyent to bring WordPress to their Docker infrastructure.

Joyent, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IAAS) company providing software to power their—and their clients’—cloud platforms, knows the difficulties in prepackaging software installations that can be readily moved across server environments. To solve this, Joyent uses Docker, a technology which packages an application with all of its dependencies into a standardized unit for software development. In plain terms, it creates a fully assembled, preconfigured, and portable software environment.

Docker offers several practical benefits for teams building websites and applications using repeatable configurations and industry best practices like testing environments. First, as simple as the WordPress famous 5-minute install is, it results in a default, out-of-the-box configuration; Docker helps engineers fast forward past the remaining configuration. Second, it ensures that multiple installations (local, staging, production, separate servers) mirror each other, so as to allow worry-free code deployments. We made inroads in solving this problem with Varying Vagrant Vagrants, and Docker takes that solution a step further.

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10up client projects win 2016 Webby Awards

The 2016 Webby Award winners were announced on Tuesday. Of the four nominated 10up client projects, 10up is proud to announce one winner of the professionally selected Webby Award, and three winners of the People’s Voice Webby, selected by open voting.

AMC.com won both the Webby and People’s Voice awards for Website: Television.Webby_winner_AMC_c

BBCAmerica.com won a People’s Voice Webby for Website: Best Homepage/Welcome Page.Webby_winner_BBC_c

The MotorTrend.com Redesign won a People’s Voice Webby in Websites: Car Site & Car Culture.Webby_winner_motortrend_c

Congratulations to our selected clients!

Adam Silverstein

WordPress 4.5.1 shipped yesterday, an incremental maintenance release. Co-led by me—with commits from our Director of Platform Experience Helen Hou-Sandí—this release fixes 12 bugs found in the last release of WordPress, chief among them a Twenty Eleven theme singular class issue, visual editor incompatibility in certain versions of Chrome, and a media upload issue with the Imagick extension. For more information see the Codex release notes or consult the list of version controlled changes.

10up client projects nominated for “Best of the Internet” awards

The 20th Annual Webby Awards, the web’s canonical awards program recognizing the best of the internet, presented their nominees last week. Nominees qualify for two awards: The Webby Award selected by a professional judging body, as well as The Webby People’s Voice Award, selected by an open vote that runs through April 21. Among the many WordPress-powered nominees, several 10up projects are in the running.
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WordPress powers 1-in-7 Webby Nominees

WordPress is strongly represented among the 2016 Annual Webby Awards, powering 1 of every 7 nominees in the Website categories. Nominees span 32 of the 48 categories, recognizing websites marketing major financial institutions and web apps, superstar artists and musicians, government projects, and major media and news outlets.

With its intuitive interface, flexible code base, and focus on democratizing content creation, we’re not surprised to see our go-to CMS solution owning such a respectable percentage of the pack. 10up believes in open technology and we’re glad to see platforms such as WordPress in such high use.

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Jake Goldman

WordPress 4.5 was released yesterday, featuring improvements to content editing, responsive previews, and a handful of under the hood performance and developer improvements. More than a dozen 10uppers made this release possible, most notably Adam Silverstein, who served as Release Deputy.

Thank you for helping make WordPress: David Brumbaugh, Drew Jaynes (emeritus), Dreb Bits, Faishal Saiyed, Helen Hou-Sandí, Josh Levinson, Lukas Pawlik, Pete Nelson, Ricky Lee Whittemore, Ryan Welcher, Scott Kingsley Clark, Steve Grunwell, and Sudar Muthu!

Clean up and secure WordPress data with WP Hammer

When making copies of a website for development and testing, populating a thorough content and data set is vital for Quality Assurance (QA). The most efficient path typically involves mirroring the entire production site’s database. But this can be problematic: a large site can have tens of thousands of posts (each with many revisions and healthy doses of metadata) and many user accounts.

Those user accounts (and sometimes the site’s content) can contain sensitive data that, if mishandled, can put clients at risk. On top of that, testing, development, and initial imports—often executed on lightweight virtual machines—can be painfully slow when working with very large datasets. Cleaning up imported production data is a must, but has been a tedious, inefficient task.

Enter 10up’s WP Hammer: an open source developer tool that quickly and efficiently reduces—or completely removes—production data and sensitive client information like email addresses and hashed account passwords from a WordPress installation.
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John Ragozzine

In 2014, we instituted Rocketrip, so that 10uppers could earn points for shared savings on business travel. These points could be redeemed for rewards like gift card and donations. Earlier this year, after we decided to sunset the program, our team had a few weeks to redeem their points.

Something wonderful happened. A few of us decided to pool our points for a group charitable gift, spurring dozens of other 10uppers to donate their points to the pool. This week, we donated to Girls Who Code – whose mission is to close the gender gap in technology and engineering. We’re proud to support an organization consistent with our values, practices, and culture.

12 Facebook Instant Articles insights for WordPress content creators

Facebook Instant ArticlesOn April 12, Facebook is expanding their in-app Instant Articles program—which delivers lightweight, instantly loading articles—to all publishers. All content creators, from enterprises posting corporate news to your neighbor’s food blog, can start taking advantage of the benefits of Facebook Instant Articles to maximize engagement with Facebook’s 1.5 billion users.

We see Instant Articles as another step toward the content management system (CMS) as the hub for creating and delivering content. Content creators are distributing to many interfaces and channels: HTML/CSS front ends, mobile apps, third party sites, Google AMP, Apple News feeds…even print publications! Rapidly evolving content distribution punctuates the benefits of an open and well-maintained CMS. WordPress adopters can rapidly benefit from channels like AMP and Instant Articles thanks to quickly released and well supported open source modules, circumventing the development overhead of a home grown platform or the long roadmap of a niche commercial CMS, and without surrendering their content to closed platforms like Medium.

Seamless integrations with platforms like Instant Articles is why 10up so fervently advocates for WordPress and the open web. And so, upon Facebook’s 12th anniversary, here are 12 key insights for publishers using WordPress and preparing for Facebook Instant Articles.

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Darshan Sawardekar

We’re thrilled to be a sponsor for WordCamp Mumbai 2016, taking place this weekend (March 12-13). This year, Senior Engineers Joshua Abenazer and Faishal Saiyed will be attending with me. On Sunday, I’m presenting “URLs in WordPress” – a deep dive into understanding, configuring, and customizing the permalink and URL structure to best match a site’s content.