10up Made 904 WordPress Core Contributions in 2023

In 2023, 10up made 904 contributions to the WordPress Core — the third highest amount out of the 286 companies that contributed. Twenty-five 10uppers made those contributions, including 3 active Core Committers.

(graphic courtesy of Jean-Baptiste Audras, X: @audrasjb)

Giving back to the open web ecosystem is a key tenant and value at 10up, and we continue to deepen this investment year after year. Compared to 2022, 10up’s WordPress Core contributions nearly doubled in 2023, jumping from 501 to 904.

Thank you to all 25 10uppers who contributed to the WordPress Core — including major releases like 6.2, 6.3, and 6.4 — and who represented 10up at open source events like WordCamp US and DE{CODE} in 2023.

If you’re interested in learning more about 10up’s leadership within WordPress and the open source community, and how this deep expertise with WordPress makes us uncommonly well-equipped to support your digital goals, reach out.

  1. Hi Jeff

    I am just starting my web agency again. After operating as a freelancer, in-house and a remote employee, I am getting into scaling up the business as an agency. What are the places where I can get my team started with contributions to the core echo system? Imagine a small team of two to three people starting. What could they do?

    • Fahad,

      First off, congrats on getting back into the agency business! Secondly, thanks for considering contributions to core, its efforts and leadership from folks like you that help move the open web forward!

      In terms of contributing to core, a couple areas that can be quickly jumped into without a lot of onboarding and prior knowledge would be:

      There are many other teams within the WordPress project that similarly would love to help onboard new contributors; here’s a separate post that helps outline those teams and some initial ways to get started with them. Once someone from your team has found a place they’re interested in contributing to, make sure to check for that team’s handbook as a link in their make.wordpress.com site header and join the respective Slack channels to get new contributor onboarding help.

      Thanks again for looking to get your team into contributing to core… cheers!


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