10up Recommends UX Research Tools On Adobe’s Xd Ideas Blog

Effective UX Research Tools

User experience research involves evaluating and capturing user behavior and interactions, and requires interactive collaboration and prototyping with participants and stakeholders. With remote work on the rise, leading UX researchers have adopted a new generation of tools that facilitate this research and collaboration without the need for in person interaction.

In the article 5 Effective UX Research Tools That the Experts Use, Adobe asked professional UX researchers and designers — including 10up’s own lead UX designers Ben Grace and Melissa Vander Wilt — to spotlight their user UX research tools of choice.

Ben shares how 10up leverages digital whiteboard and remote team collaboration software Miro to plan and prep for research, keep the team organized, and socialize findings.

Melissa highlights 10up’s use of Hotjar to perform user testing and behavior analysis, run surveys and polls, and gather insights for ongoing optimization.

If you’d like to do your next design and UX project with a team that knows how to achieve excellence without needing to be in the office, get in touch.

Evaluating The Website Mobile Admin User Experience, A New Report From 10up

Mobile Behaviors Special Report

Consumers have become accustomed to optimized mobile experiences. Billions use popular apps — WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Gmail, and Twitter — to perform small acts of publishing, like sharing content, editing photos, uploading videos, and inserting URLs. These applications deliver carefully constructed user experiences focused on a narrow set of specific content creation tasks.

But what does the mobile experience look like for those managing website content?

10up conducted a user experience study to understand how consumers are creating, publishing, and managing website content from mobile devices. The study included live user interviews and a survey of 148 qualified participants from 30 countries about their individual experiences using website admin dashboards on smartphones.

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