From West of the Hudson to East of the East River

They say good things happen in threes, and the next week of meetups in NYC are no exception.

At the WordPress NYC Meetup next Tuesday, August 19, I’ll be showing off a preview of the upcoming WordPress 4.0 and talking a bit about what it’s been like to lead the release.

On Thursday the 21st, I will be presenting “Code is Poetry: A Musician’s Tale” at the JerseyScript takeover of Brooklyn JS, which 10up is excited to sponsor. I’ll be giving a longer version of the talk at WordCamp San Francisco in October, so no spoilers here! Be on the lookout: our Director of Engineering, Taylor Lovett, will be in attendance as well.

Finally, Brooklyn JS will turn the tides and take over the JerseyScript meetup on Tuesday, August 26, also sponsored by 10up. I’m especially excited to be coming on board as a co-organizer for JerseyScript proper. We’ll be releasing another block of tickets soon, so get on the waitlist now if you’d like to join us and check out Jersey City, just a quick subway ride over from Manhattan.

If I won’t see you here on one of the sides of the rivers, there’s always WordCamp Boston the weekend in between. If you will be at any of these places, come say hi!

10uppers, Code, and Lobsters at WordCamp Maine

WordCamp Main 2014While four 10uppers are down south for WP Y’all in Birmingham AL, another contingent of three 10uppers is heading up north to speak at the first WordCamp Maine this weekend.

Fresh off his popular talk on modernism and responsive design at WordCamp NYC last weekend, CEO John Eckman will take the stage twice in Maine: first joining MaineToday Media’s Director of Digital Services to present Delivering the News – a look at their online relaunch, and second, to give the keynote address! Senior Strategic Engineer Rachel Baker joins the development panel to answer Maine’s toughest engineering questions, and I’ll be discussing empathy for our clients and teammates, and how that leads to better projects.

Tickets are still available – including a harbor cruise with the requisite lobster dinner – so it’s not too late to join us this weekend for some WordPress-centric learning and conversation during the beautiful Maine summer!

10up at WordCamp Birmingham – #WPYall

WordCamp Birmingham 2014On August 16th, Birmingham will have the chance to hear from 4 10uppers as we pay a visit to the Magic City. WordCamp Birmingham is the South’s oldest WordCamp, starting back in 2008. We say WPY’all loud and proud and look forward to sharing with this community.

Being local to Birmingham, I’ve had the pleasure of o-organizing the camp this year. I’ll also be talking to designers about How to Use WordPress to Present a Design in the Browser. Senior Designer Louis Dorman will be presenting his experience Designing for Growth, and Design Engineer Allen Moore will describe how 10up used child themes to quickly turn out big features on multiple sites in his talk, 3 sites in 6 weeks? WordPress can do that!

Last but not least, our President, Jake Goldman, will be giving the keynote address following lunch: Don’t Create For WordPress* (*Create With WordPress). He’ll inspire us to build the next great sites on WordPress by focusing on project vision, and worrying about tools like WordPress after the fact.

It’s going to be a great weekend in the Magic City and we’re excited to be a part of it!

WordCamp Seattle

WordCamp Seattle

Seattle, Washington

Attending Speaking

This weekend 10up will be bringing some sunshine (and ten 10uppers!) to the Northwest for the 5th annual WordCamp Seattle. Seattle is a two day WordCamp this year with a jam packed Saturday featuring speakers, panels, lightning talks and even workshops. Sunday is a special contributor day with a number of core contributors leading groups who will be contributing back to the WordPress project. If you’re in the Northwest and haven’t already picked up your ticket, don’t miss this massive, 700-attendee WordCamp!

Kicking off the day on Saturday, Kailey Lampert and Adam Silverstein will each be delivering a presentation as a part of the developer lightning talks. Their sessions will focus on the hidden treasures of WordPress core and working with WordPress revisions in Backbone. Kailey will be pulling a double feature on Saturday, also being a part of the How to Become a Better WordPress Developer panel with Kronda Adair, Jeremy Felt, Zack Tollman and Morten Rand-Hendriksen.

Next, Paul Clark will be running an excellent session on Performance, Scale and WordPress, using real world examples from 10up’s experience with sites like and hosting platforms like VIP. For anyone considering WordPress and it’s application in an enterprise context, don’t miss Paul’s presentation!

At the same time as Paul, Taylor Dewey will be running a workshop on SASS, walking through real life examples and breaking down some of the complexities of the workflow. If you’re thinking about getting into SASS, or have started and need a good tutorial, make sure you check out Taylor’s workshop. Taylor is also pulling a double feature, and will be giving a lightning talk on Responsive Web Design Workflows.

In addition to the four 10uppers presenting this weekend Andrew Mowe, Zach Brown, Luke Woodward, Cole Geissinger, Drew Jaynes and myself will all be on-site organizing, volunteering and contributing to the event. We’d love to see you there!

Catch PushUp and 10up at WordCamp Chicago 2014

WordCamp Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

Attending Speaking Sponsoring

10up will be brewing up a storm in the Windy City this upcoming weekend at WordCamp Chicago, with wall to wall speakers supported by a John Hancock Sponsorship under the PushUp Notifications product brand.

Our rundown of speakers starts with Dustin Filippini presenting a Comprehensive Dashboard Walkthrough on Foundation Friday. On Saturday, Kelly Dwan kicks things off with A Walk Around the Loop, a study of the post loop from an advanced developer’s perspective. Alison Barrett takes the stage for a lightning talk at noon with Knowing What You Don’t Know followed by James Barrett on Wireframing Essentials.

On Sunday I’ll pause from organizer duties for an Introduction to IDEs and Debugging, which makes the case for IDEs by showing off the amazing powers they bestow. John James Jacoby will dive into Multisite and Multi-network, emphasizing the lesser used multi-network feature. Wrapping up the day on Sunday, Rachel Baker demonstrates how developers can Put Your Content to REST With WP-API, a look at the exciting new JSON REST API (WP API).

WordCamp Chicago 2014

In addition to our speakers, you’ll also find 10uppers Kara Buffardi and Gus Gerhardt at our PushUp sponsor table, showing off our website push notifications product. We’ll be on hand to demo the product, answer questions, and provision new customers as they sign up – and we’re offering a 99¢ sign up code (discounted from $14.99) for anyone who registers on the spot!

I’ll also be leading the Networking lunch activity at noon on Saturday; stop by and say hello!

Design visionary Louis Dorman joins 10up as Senior Designer

At 10up, we think that a truly outstanding web publishing experience happens at the intersection of great design, strategy, and engineering. We also know that the modern web requires talent that understands that great design is not just how a website looks, but how it feels across input interfaces and screen sizes. As we continue to grow our design team, we’re very excited to welcome a designer that embodies our vision of client-centered design, as innovative in its aesthetics as its interactions.

Louis Dorman has been designing for the web since the days of dial-up. After graduating from the Art Institute of Phoenix in 2001, he went on to be responsible for the design and manufacturing of millions of products around the world. Louis was one of the first employees at Mashable, one of the most popular WordPress-powered websites. As Art Director, he managed all areas of design, from the web presentation and UX to marketing collateral, as the company scaled to 30 million+ monthly unique visitors.

Louis was also a founder of AdCamo, which would become a pioneer in the development of background ad units under his direction. In addition to steering vision and project development, Louis hired and mentored creative and engineering teams, managed communication between sales and engineering, and created campaigns for clients like ABC, Comcast, Craftsman, MGM, Sony, and WWE, to name a few.

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WordCamps in Miami and Connecticut

10up has the east coast covered top-to-bottom this weekend at both WordCamp Connecticut and WordCamp Miami.

In the north Jake Goldman will teach you how to leverage WordPress’s native media player, based on MediaElement.js, Taylor Lovett will show you how to save time with WP-CLI, and Helen Hou-Sandi will make the business case for contributing to WordPress core full-time. CEO John Eckman and Engineer Kelly Dwan will also be participating.

We’re also a Gold Sponsor of WordCamp Connecticut, under the PushUp brand, our website push notifications product. We’ll be on hand to demo the product and provision new customers on the spot – and we’re offering a 99¢ sign up code (discounted from $14.99) for new customers who sign up on the spot!

In the south, I’m (John James Jacoby) talking about contributing to WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress, and reviewing what’s new in BuddyPress 2.0.

If you happen to see us at either event, stop by our table in Connecticut or find me in Miami!

Team Collaboration: Tweet by Category

When I first joined 10up, one of my first challenges was building a Twitter plugin for a client who wanted to automatically tweet based on category. Luckily, I work with an amazing team. I lamented in our team IRC room, and to my surprise, discovered that we already had a plugin that did exactly what I needed. Well, almost exactly.

The existing module, built for another client, was all but abandoned before it was fully polished for non-specific use cases. It also used Twitter’s deprecated v1 API, so I had to swap out the communication layer. Still, I had a starting point thanks to the inventiveness of the team, and our consistent application of coding standards.

A few weeks later, we had a solid, polished release using the v1.1 API ready for a new client. We released the project (it was still not fully abstracted, but complete enough for their purposes) and pushed it to the back burner (read: all but abandoned it again). Last month, yet another client requested the same feature. I dusted off our Git repository and started smoothing out the still rough edges so we could launch an even more refined version for a third client.

That’s when it hit me: this plugin only exists as a result of the way our team collaborates. It has been gradually improved and iterated over time across multiple developers and disparate project requirements. Yet we had never released the source outside of our company.

A couple of emails and about 10 minutes later, Publish to Twitter went public on both GitHub and I’d personally like to invite you to join the growing team of collaborators on this project to help make it even more flexible and useful for our entire community.

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10up conferencing across the continent

Over the next few days, WordCamps and conferences all across North America, are featuring 10uppers as guest speakers.

John James Jacoby, Director of Web Engineering, will be hosting a Q&A session on BuddyPress and bbPress at WordCamp North Canton, on Saturday May 3rd, as part of the Beginner track.

JJJ presenting

WordCamp Ottawa will feature two 10uppers: Senior Engineers Taylor Lovett and Alison Barrett. Taylor will present Saving Time with WP-CLI, a walk through of WordPress in the command line, focusing on scalable practices and eye-opening use cases. Alison will be speaking on Developing Plugins Like A Pro, covering the basics of plugin development; her tips will have attendees writing plugins like a pro in no time.

Finally, Web Engineer Drew Jaynes is speaking at “Write the Docs” in Portland, Oregon on Tuesday, May 6th. Drew’s talk, Putting the (docs) Cart Before the (standards) Horse, is about how WordPress core developed documentation standards using 10 years of documentation, putting the cart before the proverbial horse.

See you around the continent!

Staying on top: 10up Learning Summit 2014

Around this time in 2013 we held a Developer Summit – an in person gathering of our team focused on skill building. We covered everything from PHP unit testing to JavaScript performance optimization, and even rolled out Varying Vagrant Vagrants. From SASS to duck punching, that summit influences how I write code today, when I still have the occasion to do so.

10up has grown since April 2013, not just in raw numbers (we’ve tripled), but in scope. Add a talented design team and nearly a dozen web strategists and project managers and our second annual “developer” summit already needs a rebranding: let’s call it a Learning Summit.

10up Summit Git Talk

This time, we’re taking over a resort in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. We’re kicking off on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 13, with practical activities focusing on the art of effective, consistent, and thoughtful client engagement. Wednesday we have three tracks filled with incredible workshops: design, engineering, and project management.

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