WordPress Plug-ins

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Simple Local Avatars Add an avatar upload field to user profiles. Generate requested sizes on demand, just like Gravatar. local-avatar

Simple Page Ordering Order your pages (and other hierarchical post types) with simple drag and drop right in the post list. simple-ordering

Restricted Site Access Restrict access to registered users and specific IP addresses. Control restriction behavior. rsa-small

Secondary HTML Content Add extra HTML blocks to your content. Perfect for multi-column, tabbed, and page-based sidebar layouts. secondary-html

Lazy Load Load images as they become visible to improve page load times and reduce server bandwidth. wp-sonar

MCE Table Buttons Adds table editing controls to a third row in the WordPress editor. mce-table

Sort Query by Post In Query for a specific set of post IDs, and return them in that same order. orderby-small

Simple Section Navigation A customizable widget for for section based page navigation. simple-section

Simple User Password Generator Allows administrators to generate a secure password when adding new users. Simple User Password Generator

Really Simple Gallery Widget Display images from your media library or the current post in a widget. Highly configurable. gallery-widget

YouTube Favorite Video Posts Grab videos you favorite in YouTube and automatically add them to WordPress. youtube-wp

Custom Posts Per Page Specify how many posts are displayed in different views. posts-per-page

Character Count Excerpt Trim your excerpts by a maximum character count instead of a word count. character-excerpt-pic

Latest Published Updates A synopsis of all the latest content changes for editors. latest published updates

Blue Admin Bar Turn your admin bar a pretty shade of WordPress blue. blue-admin-bar

Automatic Featured Image Posts Creates a new post with a Featured Image every time an image is uploaded. featured-image

Instapaper Liked Article Posts Automatically creates new posts from your Instapaper ‘liked’ articles. instapaper

Marketo Tracker Easily track users with Marketo and create lead associations via comments. marketo

Post Tags & Categories for Pages Add category and tag taxonomies to your pages. categories

Weighted Random Authors Feature a random set of post authors, weighted towards your most active publishers. no longer supported weighted-authors

Simple Custom Post Type Archives Adds permalink support, template files, and a new conditional for public custom post type archives. no longer supported simple-archives

Recommended Reading: Google Reader Shared Displays your shared items from Google Reader. no longer supported Widget output