Google Announces End-of-Life For Universal Analytics

Google Analytics 4

Earlier this month, Google announced the official end-of-life for Google Analytics 3: Universal Analytics and rallied partners and customers to prepare to migrate to its successor, Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

To quote Google directly, “Universal Analytics was built for a generation of online measurement that was anchored in the desktop web, independent sessions, and more easily observable data from cookies.” Today, organizations engage online with audiences who consume content with multiple devices and across multiple channels, including apps and, sometimes, multiple websites.

Growing consumer privacy concerns and evolving data privacy regulations also require organizations to rethink how they track customer journeys. While Universal Analytics offers limited privacy settings, GA4 is designed with user privacy at its core, with an anonymized model for tracking user behavior (no longer storing IP addresses) and detailed country-level privacy controls.

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Yesterday, the WordPress Performance team announced the first beta release of the “Performance Lab” plugin, a proving ground for future performance improvements built into WordPress. The plugin is guided by real-world scaling lessons from experts like Google, and includes contributions from six 10uppers. This first public release focuses on image optimization and bringing attention to suboptimal caching setup and excessive script use. You can download the plugin from, provide feedback on Github, or dive into more detail in the announcement post.

Distributor Releases Prioritize User Experience Upgrades And The Block Editing Experience

Since its public launch in 2018, we’ve seen universities and educational institutions, publishers and media organizations, government agencies, and established brands use Distributor to leverage their content across multiple websites to enhance visibility, expand reach, and increase the ROI of content creation. We’ve also had the privilege of consulting with numerous clients to develop content syndication strategies and guidelines, optimize Distributor workflows, and even extend the plugin’s capabilities to solve unique content distribution and sharing needs.

Over the last year, Distributor has seen numerous improvements in performance, media syndication and content filtering, and push/pull content management, as well as the addition of a Setup Wizard to streamline onboarding, Site Health Info integration, and additional developer hooks and documentation. Read More on Distributor Releases Prioritize User Experience Upgrades And The Block Editing Experience

Create A Media Kit In Minutes With 10up’s Publisher Media Kit Plugin

Publisher Media Kit Plugin

Publisher Media Kit, our latest free WordPress plugin release, helps publishers add a robust digital media kit to their websites, detailing traffic statistics, audience insights, and advertisement placements and rates. It’s the perfect solution for small to medium-size publishers who want to put their best digital foot forward to impress advertising partners and sponsors, without the cost and complexity of a fully bespoke solution.

Publisher Media Kit introduces new editor block patterns to the WordPress editor inspired by common media kit content, like Cover, Audience Profiles, Stats, Packages, Why Buy Ads, and Questions/Contact. The Rates and Digital Ad Specs patterns use a new Tabs block (shipped with the plugin) that displays sections of content with brief headings in a compact, tab-navigated layout.

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Eleven 10uppers Recognized In WordPress 5.9 Release

WordPress 5.9 Release

WordPress 5.9, released last week, marks the first public release of WordPress’ long-anticipated full site editing functionality alongside other block editor enhancements.

Full site editing extends the block editor’s reach beyond the boundaries of a single page: empowering the customization and management of global elements like a site’s header, footer, and menus just like any other block. To enable and use the feature, a site’s existing theme must be adapted or a new theme that’s made for the feature, called a “block theme,” must be created. We’re excited by the opportunities full site editing introduces.

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10up Releases New WordPress Plugin To Address Insecure Content, Updates Others

Icons for 10up Plugins

10up’s Open Source Practice has doubled down on contributing tools, time, and code to the WordPress community to empower developers and ensure longevity for the open-source platform that supports many of our largest clients — a platform that now powers more than 40% of all websites. In the last year, that meant investing 6,500+ hours across 30+ projects, which included updates to our flagship plugins like Distributor, ElasticPress, and ClassifAI, among other plugins, and several new WordPress plugin releases like Block For Apple Maps, Eight Day Week, and Convert to Blocks.

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of a new WordPress plugin, Insecure Content Warning, and share updates to several smaller popular plugins.

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10up Appearances, Fall 2021 Edition

Team 10up Speaking Appearances

At 10up, we make a better web by finely crafting websites and tools for content creators. We also give back to our community of digital makers by encouraging team members to share their experience, insights, and lessons learned at industry events, and through engagement with online media. Here are some recent and upcoming highlights around the web:

Torque Social Hour

Our President & Founder Jake Goldman kicked things off as a special guest on The Torque Social Hour, a weekly livestream about WordPress news, events, and life. The show spends a lot of time on headless WordPress solutions like WP Engine’s Atlas product and Jake discusses some newer 10up plugins and our ongoing contributions to the open source community.

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